In SlaveHack, your Hard Drive holds all of the Software that you have downloaded and that has been uploaded to it. A Hard Drive has a limited amount of space to hold software, and you can purchase larger hard drives to hold more. Purchasing a new Hard Drive does not remove any software you had on the old one, and all software are automatically uploaded to the new one. Formatting your Hard Drive does not affect your External Hard Drive in any way, while it removes everything on your Hard Drive. Back up what you intend to keep on your External Hard Drive before formatting.

Name Storage Capacity (GB) Cost Exchange
 ? 1  ? 20
Topspin HD 5 €80 53
Topspin HD 10 €200  ?
Topspin HD 30 €2,500  ?
Topspin HD 40 €5,000  ?
Topspin HD 50 €7,500  ?
Topspin HD 60 €12,500  ?
Topspin HD 80 €27,500  ?
Topspin HD 120 €40,000  ?
Topspin HD 160 €65,750  ?
Topspin HD 250 €120,000  ?
Dual Topspin harddrives (2x160) 320 €180,000  ?
Triple Topspin harddrives (3x160) 480 €330,000  ?
StorageStar HD 1080 €900,000  ?
StorageStar HD 2080 €2,750,000  ?

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