Hardware is the component parts which makes up the system of yourself, other Slaves and NPCs. The hardware you have has a direct impact on how quickly you can complete certain tasks and how much data you can store.

Central Processing Unit Edit

A Central Processing Unit (Abbv. CPU) controls how fast actions such as editing, creating and deleting files will be and also determines how quickly you can crack a password on a system. CPU speed is measured in Megahertz, or MHz, and higher numbers allows for faster password cracking and file operations. CPU speed does not affect Connection processes.

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Connection Speed Edit

Connection Speed is important for uploading and downloading files to and from different Slaves and NPCs. Slower connections will force file uploads and downloads to take significantly longer than faster connections. The connection speed does not affect CPU processes.

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Hard Drive Edit

A Hard Drive is a data unit used for storing data which you downloaded and may intend to upload. These drives are vulnerable to intrusion from other Slaves and are not advised to be the sole storage device of any system.

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External Hard Drive Edit

An External Hard Drive, EHD or XHD, is a drive used to store data in a protected place. Access to your EHD is restricted to yourself unless caught DDoSing (see Access below). This drive is also not affected while formatting your Hard Drive, so it is useful for storing backups for files during formats.

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Upgrading Edit

It is possible to use ingame money to upgrade your hardware, allowing for quicker and more efficient hacking of Slaves and NPCs. This can be done by pressing the upwards arrow next to each of the hardware names in the Hardware menu.