This are all riddles from firewalls 0.1 to 1.0.

NOTE: Please don't use this guide, solving the puzzles yourselve is alot more fun! Only use it if you REALLY, really can't find a riddle. Thanks! - Important.txt

I was told not to add these to the dns server? - Software Info.txt

I got this hot vddos virus today, make sure you hide it because this software is illegal.
I installed the remote DDoS controler on another system: ('riddled')
One number has been replaced for a 1, this number should have been 8. - MOTD.txt

Message Of The Day
-Reading this 5 seconds passed
Dear collegues,
Enjoy our latest software we got a fine cracker, a new
.vshare virus and FTP cash, so
we're about to make some good money.
I did not yet dare to attempt our new WWL on the
Ypesteiner bank, but we should organise
it soon ?
-Reading this 10 seconds passed

BTW, when i made a type i surfed to,
I noticed this computer has an active
FTP server, we might want to check for software.
-Reading this 15 seconds passed

-Reading this 20 seconds passed
You're mine. XD - asdg.txt

1 number has been removed
Not 5,7 nor 8. - IP.txt

254151123253 - Querty.txt

Strange server at:
qe.wew.qru.qti - Crypto.txt

9_4.87/2*2.45+10-20/2.80+3,5*2 - Riddle Reminder.txt

My one and only server is at: - Blep.txt

160+* 50+1 100+29 (340-2)/*

  • =2 or 4 - Caesar_enc.txt


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